The specific purpose of this corporation is to provide aid to the distressed.

We provide decent safe and sanitary housing for low-income persons and families, elderly and/or disabled persons, provide social services to low income persons and families, assist in the social and economic integration of the poor, combat community deterioration, lessen neighborhood tensions, eliminate prejudice and discrimination and reduce the burden on government through the provision of affordable housing for low-income persons and families, elderly persons and/or mentally or physically disabled persons.

Founded in 2001, Affordable Housing Bayarea is a nonprofit affordable housing developer for people with low incomes. Our mission is to end homelessness through the provision of quality permanent supportive housing for people with low incomes.

Our approach is to collaborate with low income housing communities to offer tenants a variety of on-site supportive services and affordable housing. Through this model Affordable Housing Bayarea is able to provide housing for homeless, disabled and low-income persons – creating permanent, affordable housing and an environment that promotes stability and safety.

Affordable Housing Bayarea is an nonprofit affordable housing developers in the Bay Area of California, with an successful track record of partnering with Low Income Housing Projects. To date, Affordable Housing Bayarea has completed over 200 units in Alameda County, and has several properties and opportunities in development.

Completed projects include substantial rehabilitation and new construction of affordable housing units. Total development costs for each project range from $600,000 to $3,000,000. Affordable Housing Bayarea secures all project financing, performs community outreach, assembles the project team and manages the project through all phases of development, construction activity and lease-up. Additionally, Affordable Housing Bayarea plays an active on-going role in the management of its properties including tenant selection, maintenance, property manager selection and preparation of documentation required by investors and owners.

Affordable Housing Bayarea has demonstrated its expertise in affordable housing development by structuring and securing financing through various sources and conventional loans.

Affordable Housing Bayarea serves as developer managing general partner (in tax credit limited partnerships) for properties in Oakland California.  AHH has begun work on a new generation of projects to serve homeless and low-income persons, including transit-oriented developments, supportive housing for veterans and mixed-population housing.